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Pig Puns

When pigs fly, they...
Loose their sooeycases
Go through mural detectors
Chews an air loin with fares like Pan Ham
Hope for will weather with no turbuoinks
Barrow a showcase from Mudder and Fodder
Eat unsavory air loin food
Hold hams with each other during takehoof
Hope for strong pigtail wind

What rolls in mud and delivers pretty baskets?
The Easter Piggy.

What do you call a laundromat for pigs?
The Hogwash.

How did the farmer know the fox was steeling eggs?
The pig squealed on him.

Why doesn't anyone want to play on Joanne pig's football team?
Because she hogs the ball.

What did the dow put on her piglet's sore snout?

What do piglets do after school?
Ham work.

What did farmer Andy give to farmer Jo for her birthday?
Hogs and Kisses.

What kind of party were Mr. & Mrs. Pig invited to?
A swine and cheese party.

What do you get when you cross an actor with a pig?
A real ham.

Where do hogs eat in the park?
At pig-nic tables.